Rant of a vegetarian

It kind of irritates me when people ask if I can eat something. Like if I can eat fish and seafood. I can eat anything. I canΒ eat meat, I can eat seafood. I canΒ eat anything I want. I choose not to. I chooseΒ not to eat meat and seafood because of the way they treat the animals. People act as if its a part of my religion, or my parents make me be a vegetarian. I’m a vegetarian because I choose to be. The only reason I am is for me. I’m not trying to impress anyone. I once had someone tell me to just take a bite of the steak and that they wouldn’t tell. I don’t care if you tell anyone. I would know. And that’s what matters. I’m doing this for me. So I know I did not take part in the cruel way factories treat the animals they slaughter. I could not be. No ones stopping me from eating meat. But I choose not to. And that’s something I wish people would get in there heads.

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    ^THIS!!! Though I eat seafood. That’s it. No other meat.
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